Greek Mythology

What is Mythology

Mythology is a group of myths about a particular country or person.The reason why Greeks and Romans used Mythology is because it explains how the world and human kind assumed their position.


Poseidon is the God of the Sea.He is one of the three top brother gods next to Zeus and Hades.He is very muscular and has a white beard.When he is in the water he has a mermaid tail and on land he has legs.Poseidon also has a trident that he brings with him.His powers are controlling water and causing earthquakes.His symbol is a trident or a horse.A interesting fact is he once made a horse out of rock.


A hippocampus is a mythical creature made by Poseidon.The creature has a head and body of a horse and fins instead of hooves,and instead of a horse tail,it has a fish tail.The abilities of a hippocampus is to breathe under water and jump out of the water like a dolphin.

Myth:Birth of Hercules

Hercules means the Greatest hero of Greek mythology.Hercules mom Hera was jealous of Hercules and sent two snakes to go and kill Hercules.But Hercules was too strong and strangled both of the snakes in each hand.

Modern day connections

One of the modern day connections are that in the USA we used columns and carvings and used them on some of our buildings such as City Hall, and the White House.And another modern day connection is the word hubris.Even today people use the word from Greece and use it in their language today.

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