Daniel Hernandez

My name is Daniel Hernandez. I have a 3 and a half month old daughter name Jude Danielle Hernandez. I currently live on my own with my beautiful family. I own a 2ooo GT Mustang Convertible. I love Sports, I love being active. I am outgoing and very fun. I am a Senior at HHSS and cant wait to grduate.

My Second Baby. :D ha MY Stang :)`

My Beautiful Princess. <3


Journal Entry: 09/01/14: My little girl is starting to discover her fingers and her feet too. It is really cute watching her stare and play with her fingers. She looks adorable. She Mostly plays with her fingers, but i know soon she will start eating her little toes. haha I cant wait till i go home to see her again.

Journal Entry: 09/08/14

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