By: Lincoln Russell


Come to the world of football! If you are wanting to play football but don’t know how, read this tack. It will tell you everything you need to know!


Football is a one of a kind sport. In this tackk you will find cool facts about football and even a few tips too! The facts you will learn are what protective gear you should wear, the positions you play, penalties, and good sportsmanship.

Protective gear

To be safe during the game, you will need pads, a helmet, and a facemask. You need pads to protect your chest legs etc. You need a helmet and a facemask to protect your head and face.


In football you have to have positions to be successful. One of the main positions is Quarterback. They have to make the calls for what play it is, and every play has different positions.

Good Sportsmanship

When you are playing football, when the game is over you always want to congratulate the other team win or lose, also congratulate them if they make a great play too.


Football is a fun and active sport, but you need to know these things to play. You need to have protective gear, you need to know how to be in positions, you need to know the penalties, and how to have good sportsmanship. Knowing these things will make you a better football player.


Gear: Something you put on to protect your body.

Helmet: Something that protects your head.

Facemask: Something that protects your face.

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