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Description of Chest Nut Hill College and the Logo of Chest Nut Hill!

Chest Nut Hill College is a college that is in part of the town of Chest Nut and Philadelphia. Chest Nut was built in the year of 1924. The school is an catholic school but accept any religion to come to their school. Chest nut was originally for gorl but in the year of 1972 it converted into a school for girls and boys. Since the year 1924 the the school was built more than 11,000 people had graduated with a degree from Chestnut Hill.

Listing of the costs associated to go to Chet Nut Hill College!

My proposed major, clubs, and activities that I'm attending in Chest Nut Hill!

My 2 major at Chest Nut Hill College is to study Forensic Chemistry and to be a Social Worker. Forensic Chemistry is my first choice because I'm really into science things and figuring out unknown things. Also I choose a social Worker because I love to help other people besides my self. Some clubs I will attend will be the Chemist Club and the Council for Exceptional Children. I choose theses Clubs because the deal with the majors that I want to do.

link to the listing for the Job that I will apply for when I graduate!

A Map of the city the new job is in

least three (3) pictures of people doing your new job.