To kiss, Kill, or to die;
Beyond the Headlines of
Gatsby's Final Days

BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! It has been reported that Mr. Jay Gatsby, mid 30's, has died in West Egg, in his pool.

Some may remember Gatsby as a decorated war hero, and others may remember him through the fraudulent rumors of him murdering someone many years ago.  Just a few days prior to his death, many gathered at his home for what they didn't know was going to be the last of his parties.

I sat down with good friend and partner of Mr. Gatsby, Nick Carraway just a few hours ago at Gatsby's mansion, and he enlightened me on numerous things.

When asked how long have the two known each other, Nick told me that they'd known for quite some time and just recently reconnected at a party held at Gatsby house.  Nick and Gatsby both fought in the war together years ago; and when Nick received an invitation to an event at Gatsby house, he was a little leery, but attended anyway.  Among the many guests that were there, Jordan Baker was reportedly seen on Nick's arm the whole night.  

Many may wonder why Gatsby never got married, or had even really been in a relationship.  Gatsby had high hopes that one day Nick's cousin, Daisy Buchanan would one day be his wife.  "... Jay Gatsby and I didn't lay eyes on him again for over four years--even after I'd met him on Long Island I didn't realize it was the same man" (Daisy).  With hopes such as marriage, it's no surprise that when they met up with each almost five years later, Gatsby still wanted to be with her; "...he kissed her curious and lovely mouth. She had caught a cold and it made her voice huskier and more charming than ever and Gatsby was overwhelmingly ..." Nick says.  

As Gatsby days were coming to an unexpected end, he took a trip with the Buchanan's, Myrtle, and Nick.  In a conversation about love between Tom and Daisy, Daisy grew tired and overcome with emotion that she'd had enough, "PLEASE, Tom! I can't stand this any more." She said.  

When Myrtle Wilson, Tom's mistress and Wilson's wife, was shocking killed in a car accident, it was discovered Gatsby was not the driver of the old yellow Ford CoupĂ©.  According to Nick, "Daisy was driving the car ... she thought it would sober her."  

After finding out all this information, Myrtle's husband George Wilson decided to kill Jay Gatsby, and then killed himself.

Gatsby is survived by his lover and friend, Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchanan, friend; Jordan Baker; great friend Nick Carraway (Old Sport), and his father James Gatz. Gatsby will always be remember by some as a murderer, a home-wrecker, or maybe even a liar, but to Nick he will always be remember as a friend and 15 cent cigar buddy.

Above is the mansion of Jay Gatsby. You can tell that the year is manicured beautifly and he kept everything well and in tack.

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