The buildings surrounding Mexico City’s central square, the Zócalo—feature classical arches and festive decorations.

The flag of Mexico, most recently adopted on 17 September 1968, features three vertical stripes: green, white, and red. In the center is an emblem depicting an Aztec legend about the founding of Mexico City. The color green is symbolic of the laurels of victory and of hope, white of the purity of ideals, and red of the blood of the heroes who died fighting for Mexico's independence.

1st generation

Grandma - Sylvina gomez

Had 5 kids. My mom was the middle child.

2nd generation

Mom - Paula Vasquez

Moved to the us when she was young. Met my Dad. Got married, had 3 kids. I being the youngest.

Dad - George Vasquez

3rd generation

Brother - Marcos

Sister - melissa

About myself

Born & raised in Arizona.

Born in Tempe st Luke's hospital. April 1st 1996

Lived in Tempe, AZ my whole life

My kids


TimelineApril 1st 1996 - born
2000 - started kindergarten
January 20th 2014 - Got my first car from a Dodge Dealership
May 22 2014 - graduated from Marcos de Niza High school 2015 - Attending Gateway Community College. (Automotive Technology )

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