Are you a...
Type 3: The Determine Child

Primary Connection to the World: Physical
Primary Movement: Push forward and determine
Primary Need: To be challenged and have new experiences
with support of family

Often described as...

Adventurous, Assertive, Busy, Busy body, Competitive, Determined, Down to Earth, Energetic, Enterprising, Entrepreneurial, Feisty, Independent, Industrious, Into everything, Little tiger, Loud, Mind of their own, Mischievous, No nonsense, Outgoing, Passionate, Persistent, Practical, Quick, Rambunctious, Resourceful, Restless, Risk taker, Rowdy, Strong-willed, Swift, Take charge

Negative label...

Aggressive, Demanding, Hot-tempered, Over-reactive, Pushy, Wild

Physical characteristics...

Face Shape: Angular facial planes with irregular, asymmetrical hairline. Square or angular jaw, pointed chin, prominent forehead.  May have a cleft in the middle of their chin.

Skin/Skin Texture: One of the most telling features in Type 3 adult skin is deeper, textured lines, especially around the smile and eyes - irregularities in pigment or in texture, birthmarks, moles or spots, prone to acne

Cheeks: You will see various forms of triangles on the cheeks and in or around the mouth

Nose: Angular, beak, lump of clay, triangular nostrils that flare when reacting strongly to something

Eyes: Come to a point in the inside of the eye or outside corners - Might be described as cat-shaped, with the outer corner located slightly higher than the inner corner.  Angles in the lid area can create an exotic look.

Eyebrows: Even as babies, Type 3 eyebrows come to a peak somewhere after the middle of the eye - if you draw a line connecting both eyebrows, it would look like a wide V-shape

Hands: Rectangular shaped fingers, rough and knobby texture, with wide knuckles

Early Childhood Features: A scowl - the furrowing or wrinkling of their forehead between the eyebrows

Body Language

Crawling: start early, like to crawl quickly rather than take time to learn how to walk

Walking: swift, deliberate movement, children just run, clomping around, stomps

Sitting: angles, usually moving

Standing: angles, arms crossed, hands on hips, one leg bent

Voice/Language: loud, explosive when upset, abrupt,

Personal Space: mess, does get their attention often as always in a hurry