Fondue Pot

Come have a great night as you dine on our variety of rich cheeses and chocolates where you can pick from dunking your favorite meats, breads, fruits, and vegetables. We have a great deal going on right now. This consists of our 4 cheese fondue that comes with 2 meats of your choice served with bread and vegetables. We also have our world famous yin yang chocolate fondue dessert served with 2 flavors of cheesecake with fruit. The 4 cheese fondue is priced at $14.50 and the yin yang is priced at $10.50. The only restrictions the Fondue Pot has is we would like to open with $10,000 and we would want to sell 40 cheese fondues in a day along with 20 yin yang desserts to meet a good profit.

X= 4 cheese                         Y= yin yang

Cost: 8.50x     Sell: 14.50x     Profit: 6.00

6.50y           10.50y         4.00y

8.50x+6.50y<10,000     X>40   Y>20

(0,20)(40.20) (1161,20)

equation: 6x+4y=   6(0)+4(20)= $80    6(40)+4(20)=$320    6(1160)+4(20)=$7046

1161- 4 cheese in one moth      20- yin yang sold in one month

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