10.2 Problem 5

More Multiplication Properties of Exponents

The expression 1/2 mv^2 gives the kinetic energy, in joules, of an object with a mas of m kg traveling at the speed of v meters per second. What is the kinetic energy of an experimental unmanned jet with a mass of 1.3 x 10^3 kg traveling at a speed of about 3.1 x 10^3 m/s?

Use the formula in the problem: 1/2 mv^2

Then raise the two factors to the second power.

Then multiply 3 and 2 to get 6. And then use the commutative property of multiplication.

Then multiply the common numbers: 1/2 times 1.3 times 3.1^2 .

Then you get 6.2456

And 10^3 times 10^ 6 equals 10^9

Yours final product is 6.2456 x 10^9

There for, the aircraft has a kinetic energy of about 6.2 x 10^9 joules.

By: H. Honeycutt

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