Junji Bresan

Above is my design which is supposed to represent a dragonfly. Below are my equations. The following graphs in the order of my equation list is a circle, a lemniscate, and a rose. The circle is supposed to represent the head of the dragonfly. the lemniscate is supposed to represent the first pair of wings and the rose is supposed to represent the tail and the second pair of wings.

In the beginning of this project I thought to myself what can I make out of these graphs that are both simple for me to do and recognizable by the audience. I thought dragonfly, mainly because the only graphs I learned up to that point was circle, rose, and lemniscate. I didn't really experiment mathematically I just wanted to do something simple. What I learned from this project was sometimes simple is the best way to go. I also learned how to make interesting looking designs out of graphs. For the most part this project was easy, well until I got into tackk and experienced some technical issues which frustrated me a bit. As well as my email not receiving the images needed to put together the tackk.

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