Rules of Contrast: A photography project
Created by: Cyn'Torreya Smith and Marisol Cacho

Contrast is the difference in the light of the picture compared to the background. Contrast is showed when the color and brightness affects the objects and other objects in the same view.

Contrast can be used to catch the readers attention and has to have a good structure. Another way to use or see contrast is the topic of the picture, catagory or viewpoint. Contrast also doesn't have to always be in color.

For example, in this photo with Oreos the black Oreo is more looked at then the golden ones because they are left behind. Also, the focusing and lighting is more on the black one.

The (right side) lighting on this picture is reflecting on her hands than(left side) below the bible. The objects are mostly her hands, rings and bible that affects the view point and lighting.

The color of the flower is comparing to the green grass. Your eyes probably were mainly focus on the flower because how the contrast is set and the focusing.

The Background of the picture is a neutral color (grey) which makes the color on the child(black) stand out. The light in this picture is against the swings, which makes the contrast in the picture stand out from the background.

The contrast in this photo shows the white flower being focused on then the background ,which is more flowers but your eye won't pay attention to those. Since the background is black it makes the white flowers stand out.

This photo shows contrast because where the man is holding the board is more lighter then the other side where the waves are. Also the footsteps are showing contrast as well.

This one shows great contrast because the fireworks os being more focused on then the  hotels and apartments. The clouds is shows some contrast because you can see a few small ones floating in the sky.

This photo shows contrast because how the lighting is reflected onto the flower and plants. The small flower that is sticking out from its steam is being more focused on , while the grass in the background is out of focus.

This photo shows contrast because the waters are crystal clear, if you notice the rocks beneath the water, but what makes the waters accompany the rocks is that even though  it is clear, the water shows a darkness that goes really well with the dark color of the rocks. when I see this photograph my eyes directly focus on the water.

The contrast in this picture mainly focuses on the light that is reflected on the man, The side perception of the man is half lit, and the other dark wit the white background. This is an example of light contrast.

This photo shows bright contrast in her skirt because the orange and blue waters are one the composite side on the color of the color wheel. Also because her face is blurry the the skirt will stand out anyways.

Lastly but not least this photo of the desert shows contrast because the blue sky and the lines on the sand. The lines in the sand show small dark shadows to represent that the contrast is mostly.

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