My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-15
By:Gustavo Pina 7th period

E-Mails and Blogs

We use E-Mails and Blogs to like tell what we are doing and to get important information.We used this in class to gather information on what we like.And to turn in online projects.

Game Design

Well I learned the elements of the games.Like there is an alpha and a beta to test the the games.Games always have to have bugs.I also learned the game space and goals to beat the game the components are the characters and the mechanics.You need all 4 to make a good game


This is to edit a photo a from how it was originally.I learned that you can do things that don't even exist with photoshop


Well this helps to create cool movements.You can do this with pictures.Just put dots and take a picture you can keep on taking pictures.Then you put all the pictures in order and you can create a cool animation.An example is the penny bounce

Digital Photography

This is when you take pictures with a camera and then you put them all together in a slide.I remember that we went outside and take pictures of trees and then we put it in the slideshows

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