Never Mind

Hunter Shannon 4-16-14

I'll never know you
I'll never appreciate
your smile
I'll never be able to cognize
your laugh
I'll never comprehend
your face
I'll never know anything about you.

you'll never know
you'll never
my smile
you'll never discern my giggles
you'll never grasp
how I frown and purposely make an indentation on my forehead.
the way I laugh at everything sad serious happy funny.  
you'll never know my voice and the way I sometimes rejoice every time I score during a soccer game

But I do know
how much fun I would've
loved your smile
you, everything
if only you knew
if only you knew
Cause I know
but sadly you don't
I know
how much fun we would've had
practicing soccer
going to beaches
I know
I know

but what breaks me
is that you'll never know
about me.

that awful day
that awful day
so torturous

that day broke me
more like shattered me
but it wasn't the first time
not the first time I found out

I had been teased
they both had
I had been called rude absolutely rude names
by my brother
by my sister
I had been called the
name stealer
even some I can't mention

They never knew
how much it hurt
like a punch a punch straight to the face
A stab a stab right through the heart
because what I found out
was something so horrific
that no one should ever feel that grief
I felt like I was going to fall apart at the seams

A man named Marcus
a man you called your dad
wasn't your dad at all
he'd been an imposter
as far as your concerned
he'd been a fraud
toying with me
cause he let you call him Dad!
cause he let me tag along on mini expeditions
cause he let me love him!
and worst of all he said
he admitted
to not being your dad

Yet you still love him
you still hug him
you still go outside, go bowling, play soccer and
have tons of fun
because you'll always love him!

I must've been blind
because I have a dad
he's not biological
it does
Not! matter
cause he knows you
he knows your
your expressions
your personality
and my laugh
He knows me!
It doesn't matter to me!

His name is to be Marcus Dwayne Shannon the first
and thank the Lord I have him
and our bonds-
will and can never
be broken!
I have a dad!

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