Homerooms  are  a  very cool  place it  has  lots  of  desks

you  can  play on  Cromebooks  too.

This is a homeroom, it is a big place for learning.

We  are  learning about rome.

Rome  is  a  very big place.

Rome  People  are  very  different   than  us

Facts  about  rome

1.all  roads  lead  to  Rome

2.The Circus Maximus , a  stadium built for chariot races can hold 150,00 people

3.rome  is  in the  city  of  italy

Elective 1  Technology Treasures  is  a  very    cool  place  I  like to  TYPE!!!!!

Elective 2  math  arcade  I LOVE!!!!!  to  play  Prodigy

Elective 3  super  summer  science I  like  to  learn about  space

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