Internet Safety Rules

Be safe and have fun on the Internet

Top 10 Safety Rules On The Internet:

1.Dont share personal information.

2.Be careful on what you post.

3.Dont talk to strangers.

4.Keep your password safe.

5.Check what you download before you do.

6.Block hackers and ignore rude comments,

7.Dont send bad things or say rude comments to other people.

8.Report anything to your parents if anything makes you feel uncomfortable.

9.Check to see if a website is secure before going on.

10.Have fun exploring the internet.

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3 years ago

These rules are important because they help you be more cautious on the internet. Also these rules are important because you need to avoid hackers or any rude comments. They are especially important because you never give personal information to strangers. These rules are also important because they keep you away from websites asking for personal information. Avoid these websites. If you follow these rules, exploring the internet should be like a roller coaster, but less scary.