Geothermal Power

By: Toni Salamone

This is a picture of a Geothermal Power Plant.


Geothermal Power is found in Iceland, Italy, USA (Alaska and Hawaii), New Zealand.

Geothermal Power is not found in any other places.


Geothermal Power is mostly found in Iceland and New Zealand


This is Iceland, one place where Geothermal Power is mostly found.

Geothermal Power is used mostly in Iceland and New Zealand.

Goods and Services!

This resource is used in this way:

In areas where hot springs are near the Earth's surface, hot water can be piped in directly to heat homes or office buildings. Geothermal water is pumped through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the water into the building's heating system. The used water is injected back down a well into the hot spring to be reheated and used again.

This is a picture of geothermal power in its process of get hot water to a house, office building, or power plant.

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