6MEH.1.1 Decision Making Model

You have to bring home a letter from your teacher about a bad grade , which needs to be signed by a parent; you think about forging a signature.
what wouldyou do?

Step 1: State the situation.
You have a letter from your teacher because of a bad grade but you need it signed. You thing of forging a signature.

Step 2: List the options
You can just do that, you could just give the letter to your parents and don't be afraid, you can also talk to your parents about it.

Step 3: Weigh the possible outcomes
You could possibly go to jail for signing someone else's signature. You could get in a lot of trouble and would have to discuss it with you parents.

Step 4: Consider values
You would need to figure what would happen if you were to forge the signature.

Step 5: Make a decision and act it
Figure which choice your'e going to choose and do it.

Step 6: Evaluate the decision
Figure out the outcome of the decision and.decide whether or not it's a good decision or a bad decision.

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