My assignments!!!!!

This was my oral presentation I did in English. We had to read 4 books and tell mr Smith and the class about them.

This is my English assignment were we had to read a book and answer questions.

this is my health assignment were we had to write down low GI foods and hi GI foods.

this was my food tec assignment were we have to write about packaging and labeling.

This is one of the activities we did in E-Learning where we had to take a photo and edit it.

this was one of my Indonesian assignments where we had to write about our family in Indonesian.

this was an Humanities project on and ancient ice man called Otzi.

this was another E-Learning activity we had to do. We had to put heaps of photos and make it really creative and we had to make it look nice.

This was an activity we had to do in music. We had to write about the Djembe

this was part of an assignment for Indonesian we had to explain what they were wearing.

This was another Indonesian assignment I did. We had to write a catalog!  

this was a music activity were we had to research an instrument and write about it.

This was a re cap, on the year 7s trip to Werribee.

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