The Musk Ox


One of the Musk Oxs adaptations is having a lot of layers of hair. They have long hair to keep warm during the cold. Another one is Musk Ox have sharp and strong hooves. Sometimes they use their hooves to break ice and drink water from the frozen lake.


Some characteristics of a Musk Ox are they have barrel shaped bodies, short legs, their whole body is covered with fur, both male and female have cream colored horns and black tips, short tails covered with fur, and guard hair (dark hairs that make a long shaggy coat of hair).

The Frozen Arctic

The frozen Arctic is where Musk Ox live. In the winter the high for the temperature is usually around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Then reaches over 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer. The Frozen Arctic is up by the North Pole. The Arctic is very icy. Also it is very cold.

News For The Frozen Arctic

The Arctic Ocean was once covered in ice but now isn't. It is bad news for some if the animals that need the ice there.

Plants that grow in the Frozen Arctic

These are all plants in the Frozen Arctic.

Other Animals in the Frozen Arctic

Rapid Process

Avalanches are one of the rapid processes in the Frozen Arctic. The MAD theory for the Musk Ox in this case would be that try to move but then would die. It would move to try to live. But the snow would come down to fast causing the Musk Ox to die.

Pictures of the Musk Ox

Fun Facts

They have such a powerful charge that when they are put in a pen the pen must have heavy metal bars. They are the biggest line in defense. After it has been agrovated the Musk Ox will charge with its deadly horns.


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