Gloria Steinem

"A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men"

Steinem uses the word "equality", implying that both men and women should be treated equally, as opposed to society's general interpretation of feminism (women being better than men, hating men, etc)   

I picture Steinem making a circle gesture with her hands as she says "full humanity". She would do this to emphasize the fact that men and women should be united, and be equal human beings.  

The word "recognizes" in this quote has a strong impact, as it implies that people can either understand how feminism work, or they do not. It is about the mindset you're in, and if you don't see both men and women as equal beings, you are not a feminist. Even if you prefer women over men, that does not make you a feminist.

Steinem uses syntax to arrange the sentence with the phrase "women and men" as opposed to how the phrase is usually arranged, "men and women". This stands out from the quote and evokes uncomfortable emotions, since we're not used to hearing the words in that order. I believe that she puts "men" after "women" because she's trying to make the word "men" stand out more, since many people don't believe that feminism isn't meant to bring men down. I believe that if Steinem were reciting this quote in a speech, she would add emphasis on the word "and" and move her head forward while she says it.  

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