Interactive Multimedia
    // Being Silly Since 2013

Making Fun of Past Seniors

All their faces are so perfect!!

A Beautiful Close-up of Chandler's face

That Chris. So emotional. Much Tears.

The perfect randomness of this video and Baby Chandler Junior face hair yes How can you not smile

Junior Year // Good Times

Learning WALLDO and CRAP

New Friends :)

Those Photoshoots we used to do though

Creeping on Doran for Photography 101

My Beautiful Models Jenna and Tessa

Me and Adam being goofballs for Spotlight Opener

Fun Times at Cavs Tech Day!

Fall Leadership Conference 2013

Mustaches & Bears // This country needs more honey

BPA Regional Awards Ceremony #SEcondPlaceSwag

Computer Animation Team winning 1st place at State last year. And Cameron's infamous headphone fail.

Silent Film Festival!

Taking Sad Showers With Jenna

Filming Graduation!

Senior Year // We Made It This Far, Don't Give Up Now

Berries are not born in a box.

Relaxing in Senior Lab

First Day of School Photo Booth fun! Frogs & Blue Hair

Posing like kids in front of the new fall backdrop!

Jenna, before she had to leave forever <//3

The Nemo fish I'm going to buy and bring to graduate because Jenna won't be there with us.

I wonder what the future holds for these crazy Multimedia kids...

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