Perspective Photography

What do you see?


As a nursing major, my goal in this project was to incorporate my abilities of developing different perspectives within art. Additionally, knowing that there are various ways of interpreting situations, it is important to take into consideration what others' viewpoints may be. In my community, and in any for that matter, everyone comes from different cultures that consist of beliefs, values, traditions, and perspectives that determine how they think or look at things. In history, it is evident that social issues have led to wars and disagreements. This example truly highlights the concept of perspectives. However, more in depth to art, I was very astounded by the fact that photography is a great visual tool to determine people‚Äôs values and other important aspects.  Not all perspective in life are seen as obvious, just like many of the works I have included in my collection. Some photographs may be clear and send an obvious message, but others, you have to think outside the box or get in touch with your personal experiences, beliefs, and way of thinking. A simple black and white photo may be dull to some, but can send a powerful message that may shoot a spark of question. Since our experiences are so different from one another, we also feel different about what we see. So, take the time to not only look at the photo, but think deeply about what it means to you, because it might bring back memories or raise awareness of social issues that occur in our daily lives.

17: Catch and Release by David Hilliard Description: A field with different people flying their kites.  18: Rosemary's Dock by David Hilliard Description: A dock of young girls that is separated by an individual in a gray and yellow striped towel.19: Margie Cato by Lillian Bassman Description: A woman in a white gown appears to be sitting in sorrow created in New York, year 1950. 20: Bullets by Lalla Essaydi Description: A woman dressed in various patterns is stood against a wall with similar detailed material that makes her blend in with the background.

Created by Jessica Alvarado

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