By:Ashton Ybarra


Appearance of the Animal:

This animal has 2 fins that are 13 feet long.there teeth have edges like saws.they are very easily recognized because of it's is a very slender shark.

This animal's habitat:

The Blueshark is found worldwide but they live only in oceans.

Where in the world does this animal live?

Probibily it lives only in pacific and Atlantic oceans.

What is this animal's prey?

The hunt herring,sardines,octopus,lobster,Shrimp,crabs,small sharks,bony fish,tuna,and occasionally seals and seabirds.there sharp teeth help them hunt down there prey.Yum Yum!

Who or what are this animal's predators?

This shark doesn't have any predators.its at the top of the food chain.

An interesting fact about this animal:

They can swim up to 22 MPH!

Another interesting fact about this animal:

This shark is endangered! They are hunted for there skin and there fins every year!

Another interesting fact about this animal:

Lots of Bluesharks die from infected bacteria in there body!