Jessy Locklear

Why water is important to our bodies

The average percentage of water in the human body is around 70

Babies are born at about 78% and in one year, that number drops to about 65%. Adult men have around 60% whereas adult women have around 55%

What types of people store the most water?

More physically fit people have more water in them when compared to overweight people. The same can be said for skinny lean people to larger individuals. The reason for it is that muscle stores water better than fat, so if you have more body fat than muscle, not a lot of water is stored and vice versa.

What organs store the most water?

The Brain and the heart is composed of about 73% of water and the lungs are composed of around 83% water. Skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones have about 31% water composure

What is the recommended amount of water people should drink in a day

The recommended amount of water that should be consumed in a day is roughly eight 8-ounce glasses. More may be necessary depending on the amount of exercise an individual receives.

How long can people go with out drinking water?

Most people can survive an average of 7 days with out water depending on the environment. The first of systems to be negatively affected due to lack of water would be muscular due to the fact that muscles depend upon water to keep motion and movement throughout the body.

What part does body fat play in storing water

The more body fat someone has reduces the amount of body muscle. Body fat doesn't store water as well as body muscle, so more body fat means less internal water.

What type of impact does dehydration have on the human body?

Dehydration is when the internal levels of water in your body fall below normal so it causes your body to start to slow down and eventually just stop. Movement is slowed, dizziness sets in and organs begin to fail due to lack of water.

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