Rain forest ecosystem

i picked the rain forest because its kinda pretty i guess, and i know more animals in it.

biotic factors:trees,turtles,monkeys,lizards,snakes,tree frogs,tigers,moss.

light rain water/rain dirt

carrying capacity:

carrying capacity is the amount of organisms a habitat can hold. In my ecosystem, many things could go wrong,like there are bananas that are going extinct thanks to a tropical virus.

this is the tropical virus.

limiting factors

limited factors are resources that will run out over time. Some limited factors in my ecosystem are water,light,dirt,and air.

predator/prey relationships

predator prey relationships are when the predator gets the prey. A specific relationship is a snake and a frog. the snake is a predator, and the frog is the prey.

Energy roles:

energy roles are producers,herbivores,omnivores,and carnivore. Other terms are Producer,primary consumers, 2nd lvl consumers, and tertiary consumers. All the energy transported is only 10% to the next organism. The role of the sun is to give off energy to let the plants be able to give themselves food.

Food chains and food webs:

food chains are events that pass from organism to organism.

food webs are a sequence of food chains in a web.

this is an example of a food chain. Now if i were to remove the mouse, the snake would have nothing to eat in this food chain.

My Energy Pyramid!!!!!!


C6 H12 O6.  carbon hydrogen oxygen. the leaf produces sugar, the sugar is called glucose. The reactants are water light and air. it produces sugar and releases oxygen.Photosynthesis takes place in the leaf its self. The energy transformation is radiant energy to chemical energy.


tropisms are organisms that bend to a stimulis like light.  There are 4 types of tropisms examples are: geotropism,hydrotropism,phototropism,and thigmotropism. These tropisms help the plant in my organism by making them go through photosynthesis. like algea,and the lianas.


decomposers are living things that break down matter. some decomposers in my eco sys are bacteria and worms.if there were no decomposers, nothing would be broken down, like dead animals.

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i recommend that you add more abiotic factors

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I recommend that you capitalize your I's.

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I recommend the you capitalize your labels

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I recommend more abiotic factors

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wouldn't the fact about bananas be more relevant in the limiting factors section? also, make sure you include some specific examples of organisms in your energy roles section. it is looking good so far; keep up the good work!