By: Caroline Whitaker core-4

Writing on Meditation
The three activities we did were, breathing, relaxation, and we also listened to a relaxing story. We tried posture up and breathing. Posture up is trying to sit up nice and straight. In breathing we had to breathe in through our nose and breathe out our mouth very slowly. The breathing tries to calm you down and make you think about nothing. When Mr. Halkuff read us a story it was very relaxing and almost made me fall asleep. We had to relax and imagine the things that were in the story. During relaxation we had to think abut nothing and just try to fall asleep.

Writing on Meditation
Before meditation I felt a little nervous because I didn't know all the things we were going to do and also because I had never meditated before. During the story Mr. Halkuff read to us, I wanted to laugh because me and Avery were the only ones actually holding the seed out. We were also the only ones who through the rock into the water. I would try to meditate on my own because I think its relaxing, and it really calms me down. I think sometimes it would probably make me fall asleep!!!!! I think meditation would really help my body function better, because doctors say that meditation helps with your breathing.

Meditation- a relaxing and calming activity for stress
Mantra- is a word or sound to add concentration during meditation
Deep Breathing- is a soft, slow breathing, that calms you down and makes you relax.

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