The Plague Paragraph

The Bubonic Plague affected peasants in medieval Europe in a few ways. A lot changed during the plague. At the beginning nobles fled to remote locations to avoid the plague and death. Surprisingly, it worked. About ⅓ of the population died during the plague. Of those people were there was a large chunk of free tenant farmers, laborers, and craftsmen. There was a lot of cause after the plague blew off. The remaining workers and peasants began demanding higher wages and better working conditions. In 1351 the Statute of Laborers came into play. It said that the peasants and workers had to return to their original lords and wages. In 1381 the Peasants Revolts began. The revolts quickly spread but didn't do much because peasants were powerless and fully trained soldiers. They eventually died out. Lucky, by the 1500s peasants began turning into poor tenant farmers. As you can see, the Black Death greatly affected the role of peasants in medieval Europe in many ways.