Mashup Tools for Blended Learning

EdTech14 Conference
May 3, 2014

Digital Learning Mashup Graphic


Tackk -

How to Blend Tackk into your Learning Mix
Tackk is a free web service that allows you to instantly and easily create and share content online. No login, no fees. Just go to the Tackk page and start typing. When you are finished, you can share it via the web or social networks.

You can have a title, subtitles, photos, change fonts and colors, media, text and lists.
It's great for quick messages and notices, as well as for other projects. Tackk about the upcoming class project, the next school event, and much more. It's free and easy to use and is a great way to communicate in education, as well as use for student and teacher projects.



Other sites similar to TedEd


LessonPaths -

The video above is tutorial on how to use LessonPaths (formerly MentorMob) to create a self-directed lesson for students using web-based resources.

Sample LessonPath on Flipped Learning

Flipped Classroom

A LessonPath on today's tools


Blendspace -

BlendSpace works much the same way as LessonPath except that when you type in your subject, BlendSpace will suggest videos and websites for you.

Sample I created about Blendspace:


Padlet -

I have created a Padlet so you can see how it works, go to the link below and add your ideas: