book of rules

how should society assign rules

All rules and laws is necessary because rules make the society better understanding of who we are and how to accomplish our goals without harming someone else goal. Not all rules and /laws fair to all people for example in the book of rules stated that each family has to have 4 members and some families don’t want have 4 members maybe they want 6 or 5 it depends on them how many children they want. Also in the book of rules says that you have to stay with job you were assigned, again some people don’t want to be what society want them to become when they grow up because they want to choose their own destiny . People who does not follows the rules and /laws they well be released from the community. All consequences are not fair because even if it is accident or in purpose you get the same consequences. Sometimes there is not an warning either. Rules and laws can’t change , because the community already has established many rules and is working successfully on them, there is no acceptations.

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