Bombardment of Gaza

Hamas is the leader of a deadly terrorist group Isis, he has been camped out in the city of Gaza for the past couple of months and in raging conflict with Israel for the past couple of weeks. The Israel government was given permission to conduct air strikes on the city to get rid of Hamas and his men. The results of these air strikes are that the lives of many civilians are being lost due to the bombardments.

"The Hamas is paying and will pay a heavy price for the crimes it is carrying out. I call on the citizens of Gaza to leave every place that the Hamas is carrying out terror activity. Every place like this is a target for us. ... This is true on all fronts and for all countries."

"Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas. They simply work in the same way. They are branches of the same poisonous tree."

This conflict over the past week has resulted in over 2,000 casualties, many civilians, and many of Hamas's men. Hamas men have in fact responded with a rocket attack on local Israel military.

After the bombardment by the Israel Army the leader of the ISIS group Hamas has requested that the Palestine Authority Leader charge the Israel Army for war crimes because of the bombings.

Overall this conflict has been making headlines across the world due to the involvement if the group ISIS, as they are enemies of many countries. As well as the bombings have taken the lives of many civilians, and this has caused issues among many groups of people.


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