In case of Travel insurance, Timing Is Everything!

There are only few occasions in life which are as entertaining & satisfying as any trip abroad. We all get excited when there’s a great trip waiting ahead.

There are only few occasions in life which are as entertaining & satisfying as any trip abroad. We all get excited when there’s a great trip waiting ahead.

Planning one’s trip is an enjoyable process. It includes various steps like ticketing, shopping etc. However, there’s one key step missing in this particular process. And what is that? Yes! You guessed it right, it’s about getting the travel insurance before even planning a long tour ahead.

Is it okay to get travel insurance at last moment?

No one considers paying for travel insurance on priority basis. However, getting travel insurance at last moment isn’t a good idea. This is because last moment purchase will prevent you from carefully analyzing the features of travel insurance policies. Hence, the person may not be able to benefit from the best deal on travel insurance.

Hence, as you go about planning your trip, it’s also vital to consider a comprehensive travel insurance which will protect you against all odds.

Timing is everything!

Like other things, timing is everything also in the case of travel insurance. Travelling is a phase which consists of unpredictable future moments. So why not stay protected in any case? Getting travel insurance is the perfect remedy to stay protected against unpredictable losses. It justifies the famous quote which says, “Prevention is better than cure.”

As one cannot predict the potential for any financial ruin, it’s always better

to get travel insurance & stay protected against any unprecedented costs!

The various reasons to get travel insurance are as follows-

Covers one’s medical expenses

While traveling, there’s risk of accident and sickness. Comprehensive travel insurance plan takes care of all these things so that you’re able to enjoy throughout your journey.

Covers the loss of baggage/luggage

The insured will receive compensation for luggage loss as well as it will cover baggage delay costs

Covers one’s passport loss

Losing a passport in a foreign country is a nightmare! However, in such case also your travel insurance comes handy. The insured can get a duplicate or new passport if he/she has valid comprehensive travel insurance. Hence, ensure that all such important things are covered under the policy.

You are covered against liabilities

You get compensated for 3rd party damage costs incurred. This may occur for reasons like demise of third-party or body injury. It can also be the case of damage costs incurred to property of 3rd party. In each case, the insured is covered for his/her involuntary involvement.

Get a distress allowance!

In case your carrier gets hijacked, the insurance company will provide you with distress allowance.

Get in-hospital protection cover

Your Travel Company will pay you a daily benefit. It’s of great help for people who want to receive low cost but advanced treatments in case of any injury or for any existing ailment.

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