End of Year Project

Andrea Salas


Persuasive Essay

Prompt: Why the world needs good people

      Do you bieleve our world is bettered by good people? The world is overrun with bad people, however there are a few who change the world and peoples lives for the better. The world needs good people because those people have an affect on others lives and they are great role models for others who aspire to be good.

            Furthermore, there are a lot of good hearted people that have had an affect on others and even have saved some peoples lives. For example, nurses,doctors, and firefighters. Nurses and doctors  have spent a lot of time and money studying the body and how it works to know/help everybody. Firefighters risk their lives to save you every single time they are called to extinguish a large fire.

          People like this are able to have an influence on other people who want to do good for their society. Good people have the same characteristics as hero's and that's why many people look up to and admire other good people.

           In conclusion, I think every world needs good people because these people can affect others in a great way. Whether its your mom helping you through a tough time, or a firefighter willing to risk their life in a burning building to get you out, these people have sacrificed many things and care deeply for others.



Andrea Brianne Salas



•Instagram: andreabsalas

•Facebook: andreabs


•To obtain a position in a hardworking, creative, collaborative environment.



SGT. Roberto Ituarte Elementary School

•Participated in Science Fair

•Created a club recognizing the environment called sprouts where we would plant trees and fruit seeds in our school garden

•Got chosen to be the Super Star Student Ceremony


Hernando Middle School

•A/B Honor Roll 3 years straight

•Science Fair project got chosen to go to a regional competition

•Got perfect attendance 6 months in 8th Grade


Pebble Hills High School

•A/B Honor Roll on all report cards

•Participated in the Cheer leading athletic program

•Participated in the Theater 1 program



Cashier & Waitress

Antojitos D' Veronica

Edgemere Blvd. Suite 101


•Collabarative with others

• Quick learning skills


•Good leadership skills

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern

Victoria Love and I are very close friends. We have known eachother for about a year. Victoria is very good with good with kids. She has a fun personality and has good social skills.

Victoria is very collaborative with oyher people as well as creative. She is a hardworker that is committed to anything she does.People and kids are naturally attracted to her personality.

I am providing this letter to inform you that Victoria has the perfect assets and skills to do the job she is applying for correctly. She is very motherly and would be perfect for any child related job.

I hope this letter has showed you the important characteristics that Victoria has, for this job.

-Andrea Brianne Salas

Letter of Intent

Andrea Salas

893 Red Cloud

El Paso Texas 79934

Andrea Brianne Salas

893 Red Cloud

El Paso Tx 79934

Dear Matthew Zaragosa,

My characteristics are very important for the job I am applying to. Some of many well-needed characteristics are creativity,hard worker,commitment,integrity,responsibility,and detirmination. I have always tried to be the best I can be and give 110% to everything I do. I love to exceed mine and everybody's expectations.

I do not only want to help other people emotionally but, be their for them as a friend as well. This is important to me because as a psychologist I want to learn and experience the different ways/techniques that I can help people with emotional problems.

I hope u can see the interest I have in working for you.


Andrea Brianne Salas  

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