A Great Place to Start a New Life


The main reason people first moved to Virginia was because either they weren’t a firstborn, or they didn’t like the fact that rent had gone up 8 times what it used to be.  Most of the people who moved to Virginia were from England.  At first there was a lot of fighting with Indians, but eventually a man named John Rolfe married a young girl named Pocahontas, which was like a symbol of peace and friendliness.  The US had religious freedom, so attracted lots of different ethnic groups over time.


Virginia was first colonized in 1607 by Captain John Smith and Christopher Newport, along with 100 other English colonists. All of the money needed for this journey came from the Virginia Company of London. Most of the colonists came to America because the prices for everything had gone up, and salaries had gone down.  And to add to everything else, if you were not a first born, then your career and future were limited.  A lot of people who came to Virginia were not first borns.


One of the reasons the English came to Virginia was to make a profit to send back to England. The Virginia Company of London saw that other countries were making loads of money so they wanted some of the wealth as well.  When John Rolfe introduced tobacco to the Americas, the economy went sky-high. Tobacco quickly became Virginia’s cash crop.  Huge plantations were given over just to make fields and fields of tobacco.


Being so close to the Indians was helpful once they made peace, because the colonists brought the Indians new items, and the Indians taught them many things, including how to fish. Trading was easy when both sides were getting along, but when they weren’t it was a very hard task.


When they came and settled, they traveled far enough up the river, as to not be seen by other country’s ships in the bay. They were mostly worried about Spain which was the still the dominant power at the time. Another reason why they settled where they did, was that the water level was so deep up to the land, that they could tie their ships to the trees on the land. They thought settling on a peninsula would make defending armies easier, but it ended up kind of being surrounded by the Powhatans.

Virginia had hot, humid summers and mild winters.   There was lots of rain and there was very fertile soil which was great for the production of tobacco and other plants.  Parts of the land were swampy due to all the rain.


Virginia was the first colony to have a representative government. Other colonies soon followed suit, seeing what a success it was. These were the foundations of democracy in America.  In 1618 a legislative assembly was created, and a year after that the governor decided to have two representatives from each settlement called burgesses. The burgesses would represent the citizens from that settlement.  Even today, we still have burgesses thanks to the brilliant minds of the leaders of Virginia.

Unique Characteristics

Virginia was the first place a permanent settlement was ever established.  It was so important that today a city is named after that old English colony, Jamestown.  Virginia now has a population of 8.26 million people, and it all was because of Jamestown.


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