Dred Scott Decision

Nimisha Jain


Dred Scott was a slave born around 1800. He was travelled from Virginia to Alabama with his first owner, Peter Blow. Peter Blow died two years later and Scott was sold to his new owner; Dr.John Emerson, an army surgeon. Emerson married later, but died, leaving Scott in possession of his widowed wife.


Dred Scott was a slave who travelled to free states with his owner and stayed there were a certain long length of time, which permitted him to emancipate and become free. But he did not get the chance to do so. After his owner, Dr.Emerson died, his widowed wife had full possession over Scott and his wife. Scott tried to buy himself free, but the Dr.Emerson's wife did not agree. (Dr.Emerson was Scott's owner until he died.) He took this matter to court, but they weren't with him. This case was retried, until it went to U.S Federal Court, but they were not in Scott's favor.


The case took place in St.Louis Circuit Court.


March 6th, 1857.


The U.S Federal Court was not in favor of Scott, because in fact, many of them were bias. Nine of them were pro-slavery. And five of them owned slaves.


The Courts handle all decisions such as this, and since they did not find in favor of Scott, he was forced to still be a slave.

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