Tag Endings

Did he? Didee?

Does he? Duzzy?

Was he? Wuzzy?

Has he? Hazzy?

Is he? Izzy?

Will he? Willy?

Would he? Woody?

Can he? Canny?

Wouldn't you? Wooden chew?

Shouldn't I? Shüdn näi?

Won't he? Woe knee?

Didn't he? Didn knee?

Hasn't he? Has a knee?

Wouldn't he? Wooden knee?

Isn't he? Is a knee?

Isn't it? Is a nit?

Doesn't it? Duzza nit?

Aren't I? Are näi?

Won't you? Wone chew?

Don't you? Done chew?

Can't you? Can chew?

Could you? Cüjoo?

Would you? Wüjoo?


1. The new clerk is very slow, isn't he!

2. But he can improve, ?

3. She doesn't type very well, !

4. They lost their way, ?

5. You don't think so, !

6. I don't think it's easy, ?

7. I'm your friend, ?

8. You won't be coming, !!s, numbers, and spelling.

9. He keeps the books,

10. We have to close the office, ?

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