Libertas Superus Superior Supremus

"The only way to deal with an imprisoned world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"

"Ο μόνος τρόπος για να ασχοληθεί με το φυλακισμένο κόσμο είναι να γίνει τόσο εντελώς δωρεάν ώστε η ίδια η ύπαρξή σου είναι μια πράξη εξέγερσης"


Red- show no mercy. The blood shed of our enemies. 

White- represents the hope for peace. The ultimate goal is to achieve peace.

Blue-  symbolizes leadership and teamwork. 

Black Eagle- shows the rebellions strength. The rebellion will go through evil and death to gain our freedom.


     The rebellion will be your guide.

Siyena Libertatem will make you cry.

In war you might also die.

We were forced to divide.

What they did to us can not be denied.

They will try to hide, but in the end we know who has lied.

We cannot live like this, We WILL NOT! live like this.

We will rise, they will fall.

Justice! to us all.

The truth behind Siyena Libertatem

       -The enemy country has lied and "brain washed" their people to make them believe that we are the enemy, and that we are trying to take away their freedom when in reality their freedom has already been removed from their personal. The people of "Siyena Libertatem" have one of the "greatest" educations in the world so that the people can become strong leaders for the future of their country. The government is the superior kind and are the ones who actually get elected. Average citizens don't get a say in it, so basically your opinion goes directly down the drain.

     -Citizens of "Siyena Libertatem" are controlled by Maderon(the country's figure head). If any citizen disobeys/rebels against any regulations they are sentenced to death. The constitution might say that the situation will be handled in the most preeminent way possible. "Siyena Libertatem" only allows parents to have one child and if a case were to arise where the parents have more than one child would keep the male if any and terminate the female. They keep the males because they are considered as the dominant speeches and can handle more work than a female.

     -The rest of the people that have an education are not required to take a test at the end to see whet position they qualify for. The government places them in the ares where the city needs help in. The civilians don't get the right to choose what job they want or need financially. The government has decided to limit the peoples knowledge, so that they don't acquire any ideas to rebel. The people of "Siyena Libertatem" are blinded by all the amazing things that the government says about it and miss the small subliminal messages that they place on their posters and are raised and tough to see the rebellion as the organization that is trying to take their "rights".     


Agency of Endearment

     -As the constitution of "Siyena Libertatem" states,"Any act of rebellion will be dealt with accordingly to the manner in which it is presented," usually "Siyena Libertatem" wants to make their people think nothing out of the ordinary or nothing that can cause something to spark inside of them and realize that there is something going on, but in the cases where this occurs they are taken into custody and tried for their "crime" and sentenced for whatever punishment they decided to give the civilian. Many of our rebels have family inside and that start thinking outside the box but after being released from prison that have noticed that they don't act the same as before they seem as they have been brain washed and along those lines many have gotten out still remembering the horrific things they have done to them. The Agency of Endearment was known to be a legend until recent events have unveiled in front of our supreme leader Alentio. He decided to run away from all the madness, but he knew secrets about the government. He explained how they had him in a locked away facility and they slowly break your mind, integrity, and spirit until you're left with nothing. Then they basically rebuild you however they want and you're sent back and forget everything you have experienced. Our leader escaped and told the rest of the the rebellion about it. His experiences motivate us even more to continue and accomplish his goal of freedom.


     -Alentio was and will be the building blocks of this rebellion, he has shown us the real world and how the dystopian society has changed our way of thinking, our way of life and how it has crushed our souls or at least what was left of it. He was there to guide us into the light he brought us up in times of darkness and confusion. He was the youngest brother of three(Maderon and Doniel)and came from a family of wealth. He has always been the smartest of the family and understood the meaning of trust and friendship. As a child he was given the highest education that anyone could receive, he would make unremarkable speeches and had a natural talent of being a leader. His parents tough him to be ruthless and non appreciative, show no mercy. They were preparing him to become the leader of "Siyena Libertatem". As he turned 21 years old he was about ready to become the "supreme ruler", he wasn't convinced that he was making the appropriate decision. He ran away knowing the truths behind "Siyena Libertatem" and commenced an organization called "Libertas Superus Superior Supremus" he wanted to obtain the goal of searching for people that are willing to stand up to the unfair ruling of the the dystopia. No one in his family has seen him ever since he escaped the Agency of Edearment. He lives on through the spirits of many people that shared the same vision as he did... independence, self-government, self-determination, right, liberty, and freedom.       

Help us unravel the truth about Siyena Libertatem

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