Infinite Color Collision

by Thomas Truong period 3

The orange (originally yellow) is colliding with blue causing infinite shades of green to form. Made by Thomas Truong.



        My drawing is named "Infinite Color Collision." I did not need to perform any changes to my graph. The drawing is named "Infinite Color Collision" because a circle collides with another circle. After colliding, the circles form different shades of green, presented by the rose and lemniscate. The convex limacon, labeled graph 4, is found on top and is orange. The circle at the bottom, labeled graph 1, is blue and collides with the orange convex limacon. As a result, the two colors collide, forming the green rose (graph 3) and the lemniscate (graph 2). My project displays the collision of blue and orange, forming green.

a)  I experimented mathematically when I played around with the coefficients and the numbers adding and subtracting with the thetas. I also played around mathematically when I needed three different graphs to be "complex" and "original." I started by using different formulas given by the notes for lemniscates, limacons, roses, and circles. Next, I altered the coefficients for the lemniscate, rose, limacon, and circle, forming the object I created. Next, I created this object, in which I call "Infinite Color Collision." I experimented mathematically by plotting random numbers and changing the coefficients of the graphs, allowing for every loop and line to fluctuate.

b) While completing this assignment, I learned myriads of new things. I learned how to graph circles, lemniscates, limacons, and roses. Additionally, I learned how the graph can fluctuate with different factors, such as changing the coefficients. The length and the width of every graph changed as I inputted more coefficients.  I learned numerous methods to graph different graphs, like roses and limacons. This assignment taught me complex methods to graph certain graphs.

c) I did not enjoy this assignment. This assignment resulted in me cursing at the wall and wasting time (that could have been used for studying). Although I learned how to graph different graphs, I believe that I could have easily learned this concept without this technological program (that might have jeopardized my grade for this project, due to the absence of phase 2). This assignment was too inconvenient for my other classes. I did not enjoy this assignment.

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