Galveston Island


When I was at Galveston Island I got to eat on the pier. We were going to ride some rides but it was to expensive. My mom said that we could go on Monday because Monday was half off.But then it rained.Even though I didn't get to ride the rides I still had a fun time in Galveston.

The Beach

When I was at the beach with my family I got to make a sandcastle.I also got to play in the waves.Every once in a while I got salt in my eyes.It hurt but not to bad.We went to Walmart and got boogie boards.The next day I tried riding the waves.It didn't work out so well because I got a ton of salt in my eyes because I fell down so much.

A long trip to Galveston

It was a long drive from Waco to Galveston but at the same time it was fun to see all of the buildings in Houston.We saw a mini Mount Rushmore.When we got to Galveston it was cool to see all of the cool beach houses.It was amazing to see the beach.

When we cheeked in at our hotel my mom said that there was something bad about this hotel.Jacob and I guessed and guessed until we gave up.She said that this hotel is haunted.We were like no that is not true you are just trying to scare us.When we got up to the room my mom showed us that in the hotel book there was a page that said haunted stories.One of the stories is that a lady walked into the woman's restroom and the lights started to flicker and the bathroom stalls started to make noises and then something grabbed her arm.Ever since then no one has ever gone in there.Also our hotel survived many hurricanes and it is still standing today after a hundred years.

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