A Woman of Tomorrow

Hilary Clinton

Known as the former First Lady of the United States and Arkansas, Hilary Clinton wasn't destined to be confined playing this only part by stepping out of her husband's shadow. She is seen as one of the most influential women today by Forbes magazine. It is no surprise that she inspired over fifty books and other works. Indeed, she is a real source of inspiration to me.

She embodies great values similar to mines such as the defence of human rights, children, women and public health treatments. Using her important status, she also encourages the empowerment of women in every country of the world. Clinton is a woman of her word. Therefore, she is totally reliable and can be trusted because she will try everything to make her promises fulfilled. For instance, she took care of the Health Insurances Programs and the Clinton Health Care Plan to make health treatments accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, Hilary was in office as the 67th United States Secretary of State during January 21, 2009 to February 7, 2013. Ladies and gentlemen, she was the first female United States Senator from New York running for presidency against Obama and this just shows how much she strives to achieve her goals. Moreover, this incredible woman earned Juris Doctor from Yale Law School which gives her more notoriety. Possessing an analytical mind, she thinks with “smart power” referring to the international relations strategy used to assert leadership and the United States values by merging its military power with diplomacy, economics and technology fields. I’ve first heard about Hilary’s work when I was in elementary school and this is why, for all the reasons above, I vow an absolute respect to her person.