Benefits about ISO 9001 Certification Procedure

ISO 9001 certification is a product quality problem to set up the global quality management system to organize the certification, certification bodies according to the enterprise in all aspects of quality assessment, certification and release. At present, most of the enterprises in order to have ISO 9001 certification procedure -

is proud of, because the products have certification, can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble for export. At the same time also can increase the competitiveness of enterprises and market. The following is the action of ISO 9001:

ISO9000 provides a scientific quality management and quality assurance of the method and means for the enterprise to improve the internal management level.

Make the enterprise internal staff responsibilities clear, avoid buck passing, reduce trouble of leadership.

The document management system so that all quality work is knowable, visibility and accessibility, through training so that employees understand the importance of quality and the requirements of the work.

Can make the product quality be guaranteed.

Can reduce the management cost and loss cost, improve efficiency.

To give confidence to customers and potential customers.

Improve the corporate image, increase the competitive strength.

To meet the requirements for market access.

ISO 9001 system certification needs to prepare the company business license, organization code certificate, license, the product of the regulations and standards. Generally speaking, there are 9001 companies ISO certification procedure needs to go through the inspection, certification bodies will be informed in advance, some certification the company can conduct surprise checks.

If a company needs certification, must have a business license, issued by the state or the relevant registration certificate. Product quality stability, can batch production. Products need to meet the requirements of the national standards, industry standards and technology, and approved by the competent department of the state. While the international quality inspection agencies inspect selected products. Manufacturers need to comply with the quality standards, to establish the quality standard system, and its effective operation.

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