The Affects of Stuttering

By: Ashley Cooper

Did you know that stuttering can be genetic or can be triggered by an event that happens in someones life? According to the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, a child who is easily influenced may be more likely to tighten or tense speech muscles. This could affect speech sounds and could cause them stutter a lot more.

Here is a Video of Children Who Are Affected by Stuttering

A lot of times when children stutter, they deal with a lot of different emotions. They sometimes feel sad, embarrassed, or out of place because other people around them may not stutter. According to the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, children may may develop emotional responses to stuttering that hinder speech production further. Because so many children are affected by this there are a variety of things that can be to help children overcome or learn how to deal with these emotions.

Are There Ways to Help Children Who Stutter?

Studies show that parents of children who stutter can help promote better speech just by they way they interact with their child. provides a list of things that parents can do everyday to help improve their child's speech.

Did You Know?

More than three million people in American stutter.

Stuttering more predominate in men than it is women.

About five percent of children go through a period of stuttering during there childhood.

There are many celebrities that stutter or used to stutter like, Bruce Willis and Tiger Woods.

Thinking Forward

Now that you know a little more about how stuttering affects people, the next time you encounter someone who stutters think about, how they are no different from everyone else and how they may feel.


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