Feliz Navidad from Nicaragua!!

Feliz Navidad from Nicaragua!!

Feliz Navidad from Nicaragua!! Christmas in Nicaragua officially starts on December 6th. Although the Christmas activities doesn't start until December 16th. Did you know? Christmas Day in Nicaragua is celebrated with a lot of fun and eating,fireworks and dancing. And the main streets of towns and cities are decorated and have loud-speakers broadcasting Christmas carols. Here in the United States he's called Santa Claus, in Nicaragua he's called Papa Noel.Everyone says Feliz Navidad (which means Merry Christmas) to each other.The Nicaragua Christmas celebration is influenced by ancient Spanish traditions.Here in the United States, we celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, and some churches have services about the Nativity. The Nativity is the story of the birth of Jesus,and the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Feliz Navidad!!!

From, Aaron Evans

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3 years ago

Good job Aaron. A few more details though...types of foods, do they do presents and Christmas trees in their homes?