setting up a new social media account

signing up for a new account

you can choose any social media site to your interest for example deviantart. the singing up process is fairly simple. you start by giving personal details e.g. email, username, passwords, DOB and country. next it'll ask for your full name and other details, you also have to verify your email once you have signed up. the page will also ask you about your interests and what type of artist you are for example whether you are a student, hobbyist etc.. it then goes on by asking favourite visual artist, books, writer, TV show and others.

other social media sites work similar to this. for example tumblr, which is a blogging site. it asks you to sign up with an email, username and password. it will then ask for other details like DOB

customising your personal social media profiles.

the next step allows you to add a bio which is something to tell the audience a little bit about yourself, interest or anything you feel to share.

after all that deviantart will ask you to choose a profile picture to be recognised by. to start with I chose a simple one from the internet which follows my interests, you can change it later or whenever you please. when this is all done it will take you to your homepage where from there you can browse, add and share art.

through your profile you are able to control the comments and tags. you don't really want any negative feedback so you are able to delete nasty comments. also with tagging you are then putting interests up for others to view your work for example #art, #manga.

you can post and view your work as well as others easily and you are able to share your favourite work to help promote them.

following relevant people

by following relevant people, you are following people with the same or similar interests as you which will then boost your popularity on the site. you can search for your interests through the search bar at the top and can either write someone's account name or tags. the more people who view or comment on your art, the more popular your account will become.

making a post and thinking about a conversation you want to start

with deviantart, the main feature about the site is art so you want to keep it art related. for example my interest revolve around anime and manga so my post would link to that. I draw a lot of OC's so by tagging things linking to them again will boost my profile and interest others. from this people might give positive feed back which from there I am able to start a conversation. you are also able to share and post links to your deviantart such as pinterest boards. this will show other accounts what your interests are.

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