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about:google drive

google drive is a google product that was mainly used for many work projects and so on google drive is a giant working item which was made on well released on April 24, 2012

so the way it works is you can make doc folders and so on but it is kind of like email because you can share with your friends and work together and type at the same time and you can do presitions on it as well to work it you just hit the red button that says create and hit the button that says presitions.

and plus you can even more things on it that laptops can’t do. but i don’t know what they are yet because i’m still exploring on my chromebook but i do know that you can do more than a laptop but i still know that you can color your folders but i can’t because you have to figure it out like everybody else did so thats all i have to type and i hope you know what tach structure i used

the problem is projects on the chrome books

first the problem is that kids only want to use chrome books for their projects because they think that doing projects on the chrome books is simple its not

because you run into so many problems like you have to choose your font and your color and that but when writing it with a pencil you just grab the color and go to your notebook and write

but with chrome books you have to highlight all your writing and then choose your color so that's a lot to do just for color but that's not all i

have plus i think that kids spend to much time on the chrome books and other electronics like Xbox and TV kids should send at least 4 hours outside and  2 hours on electronics and other things but that's all i have for problems

but now here is my solutions like for my first problem kids should do most of their projects on paper and pencil and like kids always sit on their computers and play games i think that kids should at least be outside for at least 4 hours a day and 28 hours a week and that's all i have so i hope you liked it and i hope you can guess what tech structure i used


i think that chrome books don’t really have any compares with i pads but they do have contrasts

i pads make you sign in every time you go on Google drive i pads don’t have any of the cool settings that chrome books have you can’t choose wallpapers on the i pads because you would have to download a app to set a wallpaper or you would have to use what they have for wallpapers

plus you  i pads don’t load fast at all plus I pad lag a lot so you would have to wait for like 10 minutes

chrome books

Hello my name is Dominic and i am going to tell you what happens when you do something inappropriate on the Chromebooks that should not be done and what would be your consequence if you do something wrong on the Chromebooks and not doing something when the teacher is well teaching and you should be listening so here is some things that are you should not do when a person is talking or when a teacher is teaching and you're not listening so here is some things you should not do

,don’t do things that you should not do like…

don,t send inappropriate emails like with bad words in them

or non school related things like minecraft and so on.

don’t do something that you are not supposed to do during class time or when you have a assignment to finish or a test on the chromebook. plus you shoulden’t mess around on them or play with them because they are verey fragile.

so thats all i have so far

sequential order

i think that kids should do the right thing on there chromebook like they should do what there suppose to like

follow rules and do what everybody else is doing

don’t do what ur not suppose to do like play games when your not suppose to

and i think that i am done and i hope that you can guess what tech i used

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