Circulatory System

By: Carter, Wade, Jackson

This is a picture of the circulatory system.

Cardiac arrest, or, circulatory arrest, is caused when the heart takes a short break, requiring immense amounts of CPR to get it pumping again. It isn't heart attack, but it can be caused by a heart attack. Heart attack is caused by a blocked artery, it’s a circulation problem, and prevents the heart from giving and receiving air. Worms, called heart worms, get inside of your heart, and tear it open after munching on it from the inside. The circulatory is an organ that lets the blood circulate and it transport nutrients to and from cells to nourish them and fight diseases. The heart beats about three billion times in a lifetime! It is a muscle and is the size of a fist. Remember to eat healthy, think of the food pyramid and make sure you’re eating your food bottom to top. Don’t smoke it can’t help your heart. If you exercise 30 minutes or more, most days of the week it will improve the health of you heart and circulatory system. Fun facts in space blood pools in the chest and head causing astronauts stuffy noses, headaches, and puffy faces. It also makes the heart enlarge! A person’s blood vessels could wrap around the planet about 2.5 times. When you have stress it weakens the heart, causing a heart attack, chest pain, shortness of breath, and arm aches. If you rip someone’s heart out of their body it can still beat like in Indiana Jones.

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