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Downtown Chicago

You will be reading about what it's like living in Chicago. I will be interviewing a close friend of mine.o We will be talking about her community, inspiration, film, acting, and hope. Chicago is the third largest city in America. Chicago is known as the Windy City. Our sports teams are the Cubs, White Sox, Black Hawks, And Bears. Chicago is where I come from. We are well known for our violence, maybe we can change how we are know with a little more information.

Interview with an aspiring actress

Gabby- Hi, how was your day?

Nica- it was okay. Had an interesting day at work, but other than that that I'm happy to be here with my family.

Gabby- I'm happy that you are here too.

Nica- ok, I love you(jokingly)

Gabby- love you too

Gabby- ok, can we start the interview, are you ready?

Nica- yeah, I'm ready. Whenever your ready.

Gabby- How do you give back to society?

Nica- I give back to society by recycling, being a positive individual in society, being good to others, and um yeah. Just trying hard to be nice to people and trying to make a person smile at least once a day. If you do one act of kindness a day that's 365 acts of kindness in a year. That's my motto.

Gabby- that's a good motto, I'll try to follow that motto.

Me- how do you contribute to society?

Nica- that's basically the same question, but ok. I contribute to society by you know just being a good person, you know on thanksgiving going to the homeless shelter, um doing can drives and food drives with my job and stuff. So yeah, just helping others.

Me- well that's interesting and very humbling

Me- who inspires you?

Nica- um, who inspires me? Good people in general inspire me. Everything inspires me, life inspires me, nature inspires me, acts of kindness inspire me. I can find inspiration and beauty in everything in the world.

Me- so everyday you find that?

Nica-  yeah, you find inspiration in everything, especially the arts. For your soul, your spirituality, there's inspiration all over the world.

Me- on another note, what kind of movies do you like?

Nica- gosh I have so many favorite movies that I like, um like, a lot of comedies, I love old movies like Gone With the Wind. Um I love musicals, musicals are my favorite. I love movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show (chuckles) one of my favorites. It's an interesting movie, it teaches you that you can be whoever you want to be and be accepted for that. Um and yeah and my girl is one of my favorites. I have so many favorite movies and Edward scissorhands. Anything Tim Burton I like or anything Quentin tarrentino.  

Me- we have the same tastes very interesting.

Me- who is your favorite actor/actress?

Nica- one of my favorite actors, I would have to say is Leonardo Dicaprio, he's just a really good actor, um I also have to say Angie Jo,ie because she is a good actor too, but also because she's a humanitarian too and I respect that.

Me- I didn't know how much we are alike until now.

Me- where did you grow up?

Nica- I lived in Chicago for most of my life except for a brief period where I lived in L.A and San Diego.

Me- where were you born?

Nica- Chicago, I was born in the good city of Chicago.

Me- what keeps you going everyday?

Nica- my family, um everyone and everything i love and all the beauty in the world even though there a lot of negative things out there, so that's what keeps me going.

Me- thank you for your time.

Nica- your welcome little brat(laughs)

Me- laughs

Me- have a nice day

Nica- ok, love you

Me- love you too

Chicago: A beautiful city

What this beautiful city is most know for and what we most enjoy. Top tourist spots: the famous Chicago theater, downtown, Wrigley Field, and Millennium Park.

The arts are just as important  as academics:

I feel that arts are just as important as math and literature. Every student should have the opportunity to take an art class all four years. Arts are a way to be a different person while you're performing. I personally really appreciate the arts like dancing, acting, and also singing. Arts aren't really supported in some schools and that is not fair. Federal funding for the arts and humanities rolls in around $250 million a year, while the National Science Foundation is funded around the $5 billion mark. Math and literature is not just what teaches you, arts can have that same effect on people. When it comes to art it can teach a person about real life situations "as math can". The arts can help with creativity and finding oneself. New brain research shows that not only does music improve skills in math and reading, but it promotes creativity, social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth. Literature and the arts have a lot in common when it comes to turning novels into movies or plays, singing or rapping a poem, and creatively writing a script. We need to take the arts more seriously as you would take being grades on a math or reading assessment. As an actress, singer, and dancer I am very passionate about the arts. Everyone I know supports me and the arts I wish more schools would do the same. Coming from a public school with only choir and plays once a year like Romeo and Juliet for 8th graders and a traditional 5th grade musical that I myself participated in. It wasn't really much it was like a special class for music at the end of the day. The program wasn't really celebrated as it should have been. The arts are a way to learn, grow, and get a message out that reading about it in a class room might not help students understand it. The arts shows a side of people that other people might not know the had in them all along, it isn't about teaching a child a math equation or how to right a paragraph it is really teaching them about "the real world". The arts can teach us about math,literature, and basically anything academic wise.

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