Logan Garaghty S&E marketing final

Topic 1
Evaluate a movie poster

at first glance i see a very eye catching poster that i would definatley stop and look at it for a little bit. Close up image shows that the movie is probably a kids move do to the friendly font and fun looking face in the background. The face also gives an idea that one of the characters is orange and the rest of the characters are most likely going to look like this.the peaceful look on this guys face shows that the movie will be a happy movie and a is probably good to watch with your family. i also like the contrasting colors and the way the words "the lorax" really stick out. but it does not give an idea of the theme or plot of the story you wouldn't be able to tell what is going to happen in this movie by looking at the poster you would have to watch the trailer.

Topic 2
Evaluate a movie trailer

I really like this trailer. it shows a lot of important things. It starts off with showing scenes form the last movie and i find that important because some people may not have seen the last movie so its probably a good idea to show the scenes. it also shows some important highlights of the movie and those are what are going to get people to come see the movie. it shows action, comedy, and also drama. those are probably the the biggest thing in the movie industry. it shoes action by things blowing up and people fighting and it shoes comedy by stupid things that people think is funny and it shoes drama by showing characters crying all things that attract people to watch movies.

Topic 3
If you ran your own theme park

If i ran my own theme park i would i would offer an all exclusive feature to the park so people could pay one price and get food rides and other attractions for one price. but there would have to be a catch to this because some things would be to expensive to offer for just one price. so we would make a ti=hing called the gold pass and the gold pass would get you on all the rides but would also give you access to certain foods that are marked under the gold part of the menu and it would also get you face painting or othe side attractions that are in amusement parks like movies or family pictures. assuming that the average price for an amusement park is around 30 to 40 dollars this would have to be more cause it incluse the food and access to other things i would probably make the price around 80 to 100 dollars.

topic 4
3 movie marketing strategies

the three most important in my eyes are probably social media, TV commercials, and maybe live experience like meeting the cast at a mall or something. i think social media is a god idea because it allows people to interact with the cast and the writers of the movie. it also gives the makers of the movie to get a feel for how people are going to react to the movie. TV commercial might be the most important out of the three i have listed because it gives people a look at the movie and its a chance for the marketers to make the movie look awesome and make people want to really go watch the movie. my third is a live experience like have the cast come to a mall like the mall of america and interacting with fans of the move or cast. it also give marketers a chance to sell some merchandise to die hard fans.

topic 5
things to remember if you dont sign with a label

if you decide not to sign your band to a major label or any label at all you have to remember that you know have the power to decide where you are going to make your money and how you are going to use your money to keep the band going. but if you are going to go solo you are going to have a very hard time getting your name out there. that is why many bands sign with labels, to get there band known. bands going so simply do not have the connections or money to get there name out there so if you are going to go solo you will have to get your name out by using social media pages or if you have the money promote yourself your going to have to do it. make sure you spread name in geographic are because people are proud of successful groups in there area and might try to help you get big.

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