The Big Bad Wolf

Dear Three Little Pigs,

I will drop charges on you if you don’t start being nice to me.All you ever want to do when i’m near you is run away it is making me feel very lonely.I have been told that you are a very kind bunch of people but just not to me.Why don’t you have the same emotions to me as you do to everyone else.I am just the same as every other pig but i’m just a different species.I am very lonely, I just wanted to see whos house was the strongest and I stepped on my own tail and I screamed because it really hurt. So can we please be friends.

To begin, I am very lonely all my family has died and i have no wife or children to stay with. It so dreadful that this happened in my life.I need friends to keep me happy and i think you could that for me. I just need people that can look after me for a couple of nights and hang out with me during the night. So why don’t we give it a try just for a day.

Secondly, You guys were arguing over who had the strongest house so i just wanted to help you to see who’s house truly was the strongest. I bet that you guys are happy that i helped you out on seeing the best builder out of you three pigs. I can see the happiness in your eyes because that you are living in a safe house that doesn’t fall over.So i hope you are happy that you competition is over and the winner has been declared so what do you say come on lets go play.

Thirdly, on the first house i stepped on my tail and it really hurt so i screamed and your house fell over. It was like getting trot on by a giant that is how much it hurt. The pain was unbearable i had to scream otherwise my head would have exploded. So that is why the first house fell over. I would like to say sorry to whatever piggys house i made fall down.So please forgive me.

To conclude, please can we be friends i really need someone to help me throughout life. So can you do a huge favour for me just be my friend for a day but i can assure you that i will not let you down.So let’s gicve it a try.

By Zane

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