Shigeru Miyamoto

BY Brian Harris
Information from wikipedia

   Shigeru Miyamoto is the Manager of  the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development branch.  This means he works with Nintendo top selling game franchises, and most of them he created.  If you didn't already know Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario,Donkey Kong, Star Fox, The Legend of  Zelda, Pikmin, F-Zero, & The Wii Series.  Lots of the natural surroundings and forest in games like The Legend of Zelda & Donkey Kong were inspired by Miyamoto's home town of Kyoto.  Truly Shigeru Miyamoto is a great man and inspiration to many game designers all over the world.     

                                                                                  Time Line

November 19th 1952: Shigeru Miyamoto was born

1977-1984: Donkey Kong is released for the arcade

1985-1989: N.E.S/Famicon ; Super Mario Bros. & The Legend of Zelda.

1990-2000:S.N.E.S and N64; super mario world and the legend of zelda ocarina of time.

2000-2011: WII,Gamecube,D.S Pikmen , WII sports , Spirit Tracks

2011-Present: WII U , 3ds , 2ds

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