Devil's Den


The flag of the Den

Black Bow tie: Represents our country's education.

Red flame: Represents all the bad stuff the opposing countries give off and all the opposing countries that are burning under our rebellious power.

Red canvas: Represents all the anger and fear and bad emotion all the other countries have on us.

The Truth Behind the Constitution

Constitution of

[Devil’s Den]


The name of this country will be [Devil’s Den].


The purpose of this country is to put fear in the opposing country. Also this country has to provide protection from enemies, shelter and food for the people.

We will not let other countries rule our Den for it is our place and country, and ours only! Keep others from taking our power from us.


The requirements to be a citizen of Devil’s Den is: Need to be a rebel, can not have fear (fearless soldiers and rebels), can not disobey the government’s commands, and can not leave the country without permission from the leader. Put fear into the opposing country, they have to train and be prepared for battle. They have to listen and follow the commands of the leader. Obey the leader and promote or advertise the country.


A fearless leader who has a lot of experience in combat and battle. We have a strict government who is watching every citizen at all times. The people choose the members of the government and decide if each member stays after every two years. The government cannot add more laws without the consent of the people. Any government member who disobeys these laws will be executed by the permission of the people.


The responsibilities of the government watch the citizens at all times and to control who goes in and out of the country. The government promises to provide the citizens a safe place at all costs and products for proper living. The responsibilities for the people would be to follow all laws at all costs. Protect the country from other enemies and report any suspicious or disobedient acts to the government.


The government has to provide shelter, food, natural resources etc. to all the people (it doesn’t matter age or sex). The government will also provide weapons, and protection officers. Listen and obey the commands of the leader.The government must provide protection for the leader. Any threats to the country will result in death. The people and the government must show respect and honor to our leader and country. No people shall disagree with the leaders commands, laws, or acts in any form. People from opposing/other countries shall not be granted access without the leaders permission. Adults must protect young ones from any danger until they are fully trained and educated to the leader’s satisfaction. Elders must be protected at all times and shall be taken care of properly at all times.


The education system will be assigned according to the specific area. The education will be free and public according to the citizens area. There will be no cost toward the education of the people. Universities and colleges will have a minimum fee based upon the type of education that is chosen by the person or persons. The people who do not want an education shall be placed in an uneducated area of the city. This area is where all the uneducated people live and is just a regular neighborhood like the others.


The flag for this country is a bow tie with a flame in the middle and a red canvas in the background. The red fire represents all the bad stuff the opposing countries give off and all the opposing countries that are burning under our rebellious power. The black bow tie represents our country’s education that we carry. The red canvas in the background represents all the anger and fear and bad emotion all the other countries have on us.


The figure head for our country is Sauron.

Figurehead: Lord Sauron

Characteristics and Abilities

Lord Sauron has many abilities and powers, he can read his peoples' minds, control weather and lightning, and also teleport to any desired location. He can control any objects using his mind. What makes our figurehead awesome is that he is obeyed by all his people.

The Story of Our Leader

Our leader, Lord Sauron, is the best leader our country has had since, The Witch King.Lord Sauron was created as a God and is now a leader and a God. Lord Sauron was a power hungry God and wanted to take over the heavens. With this idea in his mind, he was bound and determined to fulfill his dream. Lord Sauron, alone, made a decision to try and take down the one and only true God almighty. He kept this to himself, so no other God or hero can take it from him. Unexpectedly he tried to fight against the one true God and take over the heavens, but lost the battle immediately. God had chosen to punish Lord Sauron, with the permission of the others and banish him to Planet Earth. The only gift Lord Sauron was able to keep was his powers, which allowed him to rule in battle with his own army. Lord Sauron took this gift as a second chance to fight for a good cause and thanked God for his privileges. Lord Sauron then apologized for his mistaken and hell like actions and attempts against Heaven. God, of course, forgave and accepted Lord Sauron’s apology and gave him a gift of armor. With this armor, Lord Sauron created his own army to fight against all evil and wrongdoing the people of Earth have done. Lord Sauron’s army was called the Guardian Angels of Mordor. His army was the best army that ever walked the Earth and defeated any evil that stood in their way of turning the Earth into a peaceful place that God had pictured. Lord Sauron lost his best soldier in the battle of Terabithia, and his army was not the same. Finally, his army was falling and he needed more people to help fight against evil. With this he discovered Devil’s Den and decided to join the rebellion and become the powerful leader God wanted him to be. The Witch King was the only thing that stood in his way and The Witch King was turning the rebellious country into a nightmare. Lord Sauron chose to fight The Witch King in battle to take the throne. And so he did, and Lord Sauron became the leader of Devil’s Den.


Devil’s Den, Devil’s Den

Oh how wonderful is thee

Tis a place where we

can rule and fight just like

our beloved knight,

Lord Sauron is the best

and he will complete any quest.

Devil’s Den’ Devil’s Den

Oh how wonderful is thee

We will defeat

anyone who stands at our feet,

no one can compete

with our grace and power,

all will fall who tries to beat

our great country called the best.

Propaganda Posters

Ministry of Truth

Our country is the best we have for our people. We do not lie to our citizens like the other opposing countries. Other opposing countries have been torturing their citizens, they have been lying to them about torture. They do not treat their prisoners well, they have been lying to the people. To expose the truth they do not treat citizens well they torture them and lie to them about everything. They do not feed their prisoners they just torture them until they eventually die out. They starve their own innocent citizens. Their nation is not what they say they are, they are the complete opposite. They make it seem like everything is normal when it is really chaos living there. Our opposing country has lied to all of its people, they hide what they really are from other country's. We have known that they do not let anyone talk about the inside of their country.They have found ways to hide what is really happening there but have exposed some parts of what is happening. Our leader Lord Sauron has told the truth about our country. While our opposing country has never told the truth to their own citizens. They have nothing but lies over there. While we are seeing torture starvation happening over there. Their country is nothing compared to ours. Which is why we have come to say the truth what is happening over there. They have citizens starving or being tortured over there, but seem to not care a bit. They have been lying to everyone about the truth of their country. We have the truth for everyone who wants to know. They do not have a normal country, they torture their people and starve them to death while some people are just left clueless to what is going on there. If you are arrested there it is basically a death sentence because you will just starve to death while in our prison we feed them. There country has been lying to its people for a long time now and for the people who are already there, they cannot leave and cannot live free anymore due to the lies of their country.

Propaganda Video

Dominic Souza, Michael Rosales, Nathan Tabeu, Gianni Caraveo